Herbs: Alfalfa May Just Be the Father of All Herbs

Alfalfa was recommended to treat upset stomachs back in 1597 by an English herbalist, John Gerard. While in the Americas, Colombians have been using Alfalfa to treat coughs. All five viscera have been treated by the Chinese, including intestinal and kidney disorders.

Arabs has called Alfalfa the "father of all herbs".

The leaves of Alfalfa have 8 amino acids. They also carry a lot of beta-carotene, which can help the immune system and skin. Plus, Alfalfa is high in Vitamin K. If you know anything about this unusual vitamin, you know that it's helpful for morning sickness in pregnant women. It's also reliable in supplying animals with Vitamin E. And, Alfalfa is unbelievably rich in calcium.

Alfalfa stimulates and feeds the Pituitary gland. Just so know, the Pituitary gland or hypohysis is a small pea-sized part of the brain that helps control growth, blood pressure, breast milk and a number …

How to Stay Healthy while Traveling on Business

Step One
Choose a hotel with a fitness center. Pack your gym clothes. Get on that treadmill even if for 15 minutes every day.

Step Two
In the morning and in the evening, jog in place for 5 minutes in your hotel room.

Step Three
After the workday is over, take a walk. You will get to do some sightseeing while burning some calories.

Step Four
Eat healthy at meetings. Don’t eat that donut – go for the fruit and yogurt instead.

Step Five
Eat healthy at the lunch with business associates. Get a grilled chicken breast instead of the pasta with cream sauce. Making the right choices at every meal is important.

Step Six
Eat healthy at dinner. Instead of the side of mashed potatoes, get a side of roasted vegetables.

Step Seven
Skip the dessert or order a bowl of fresh seasonal fruit. If you absolutely want that …

Apple Coffee Cakes

Apple coffee cakes combine the tart sweetness of apples with the moist texture of coffee cake. A great baker will instinctively know which flavors will meld together successfully, and will delight in titillating our taste buds. More and more people are rediscovering coffee cakes, as both gifts and items to keep in the home for company and cold weather.

Apple coffee cakes are utterly delicious, and can turn any get-together into a celebration. Book groups, scout meetings, and neighborly chats all come alive over a great dessert. With a mug of hot coffee, a slice of high-quality coffee cake is hard to beat for a Sunday morning breakfast or a weekday pick-me-up.

Apple Coffee Cakes, a New Favorite

The sweet taste and solid texture of apples perfectly complement a superior coffee cake. As we all know, not all cakes are born equal. However, one made from a superior recipe …

Achievement of miracle modifications through acne treatments

Formerly, sculpture that is many regarded products the very best of treatments. They triggered short term scratching of your skin and served as disinfectants. Nevertheless, study ultimately uncovered that acne -based products delivered with an increase of intensity. The look for the best treatments extended. Probably the most popular acne-control brokers nowadays include acid or either benzoyl peroxide. Both function by eliminating the obstructions that trigger acne, but additionally be seemingly of no long term advantage until utilized with different products in combination. Underneath the correct problems, the use of a containing salicylic acid benzoyl peroxide will usually acquire great results.

Many physicians sustaining these at every phase of therapy to avoid recurrence, and may recommend preventive steps in the first indicators of severe acne infestations. Such steps contain inner health and removal and meticulous skin of particular foods. The relationship between fat and foodstuffs like dairy food -soaked products …

Dips for Healthy Snackers: Quick and Easy Recipes

Finding healthy snacks is a challenge. Having basic ingredients on hand makes life much easier. Use lots of herbs, along with spices to kick up the taste of your foods. Lemon and vinegar are great to have on hand. Onion powder, minced onion, garlic, yogurt, canned peas or beans and tomatoes are the basis for quick and easy dips. Serve dips with veggie chips, whole grain crackers, or vegetable dippers.

An easy snack is roasted tomatoes with garlic, basil and olive oil. When tomatoes are soft the skin will peel easily. Mash tomato with the soft garlic and blend juices with oil. Add basil, salt and black pepper to taste. Add yogurt and delete olive oil for a creamy dip.

Arugula has a peppery taste, substitute for spinach. Add minced dry onion, onion powder to yogurt. Add salt and pepper to taste. A jar of pureed artichoke can be added …

Magickal Herbs – The Uses of Frankincense

The Traditional, Herbal and Magickal Uses of Frankincense

Frankincense is the resin from the tree Boswellia Thurferia or Boswellia Carterii that grow on the Somali coast, straight out of the rock. The gum resin is collected from cuts made into the bark, and it is the resin that is known as Frankincense. Common or Folk names for Frankincense include; Incense, Olibans, Olibanum, Olibanus, Gum Thus and Luban.

Traditional Uses of Frankincense

Frankincense has a long history of being used for incense, incense is even one of the folk names for this resin. The Hebrew tradition uses Frankincense in its ceremonial incense, as it is one of the four “sweet scents.” Frankincense was also part of the meet offering and was presented with the shew-bread on the Sabbath. Frankincense was one of the gifts the three wise men presented to the baby Jesus. At the time, Frankincense was rare and extremely …

Professional Chefs

Written by Shirley Parker

Professional chefs have learned their skills working with and for more experienced chefs, as they earned their stripes in the food industry. Chefs of distinction have also undergone training at internationally recognized cooking schools, many of them well established now in the United States and Canada, as well as the traditional schools in European capitals. They work in upscale restaurants, esteemed hospitals, prestigious schools, private homes, and multi-starred hotels.


Full-time chefs may have participated also in educational programs from the Culinary Institute of America that was founded in 1946, or are members of the newer Professional Chefs Association (or similar), offering required courses for certification. Novice chefs can learn professional techniques from reading course books and cookbooks written by known names in the industry. However, certification is still desired before venturing into the commercial arenas.

Even Great Britain, with its long-standing lack of a gustatory …

Red Maeng Da Kratom

See the source image

See the source image

This is one of the most popular strains in the market. It is most preferred compared to the green and white maeng da variety. Additionally, it is very potent and has numerous benefits. It is also known to relieve any chronic pain very fast. This is why it is recommended for people who have arthritis. Interestingly, it is as well considered the best option for people who want to feel energized and motivated.

Some of the characteristics of this strain include;

  • Stimulation
  • Relaxation
  • Duration
  • Euphoria
  • Pain relief

Effects Of Red Maeng Da Kratom

Enhances Mood

Upon consuming this kratom, you will experience euphoria. This kind of effect has been discussed to boost both motivation and focus, especially during the work. It is commonly used by the military, doctors, and other people who need more hours of concentration.


This kratom is a super stimulant, enough to offer you energy the …


See the source image

See the source image

MenuMagic is software for professionals working in the culinary industry, including personal chefs and small-event caterers. The software is not actually purchased but is leased on an annual basis for $189 the first year, and slightly less thereafter. A considerable discount is given to members of USPCA, who also receive access to a large database of recipes.

The lease fee for MenuMagic includes access to tech support by phone and e-mail. Free upgrades during the term of the lease are also included. A trial version of the software can be downloaded first. However, you’ll need a fast modem or cable access, since the download is 13.2 MB in size. The program requires 60 MB of free disk space and at least 64 MB of RAM. As always, 128 MB of RAM is better, or even more, if your PC is already fully loaded. Other requirements are on the website.

MenuMagic …

French Press Coffee Makers

French press coffee makers are considered by aficionados to be the best way to make coffee and tea, period. In addition to making excellent brews, these coffee makers are also lovely to look at. These coffee makers are of an ancient design and consist of a pot, a push-strainer, and a lid.

One simply puts coffee grinds or tea leaves in the belly of the pot, covers with boiling water, and steeps. When the coffee or tea has finished steeping, the push strainer is pushed to the bottom of the pot, taking the grounds and leaves with it, and the coffee or tea is then ready for drinking. French press coffee makers make excellent gifts and work equally well for both tea and coffee lovers.

French Press Coffee Makers Offer Style and Substance

French press coffee makers are used by many of the best cafes in Europe. These coffee makers …