Day: March 4, 2019

Top Ten Herbs Used in Crafting Spells

Herbs are a versatile part of spell crafting. In some cases herbs can be used in food, however only some herbs are edible. If one is not familiar with an herb as food, they should not eat it.

Some herbs appear more frequently in spell casting recipes than others. The majority of these herbs have more than one area of correspondence. Below are the top ten herbs found in spell recipes.

Lavender Aids Relaxation

It’s widely believed that lavender is excellent for relaxation, sleep, and love. Many use it to help rebalance emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

It’s also used in house blessing and cleansing. Lavender is associated with the planet Mercury and the element of air.

Vervain is Versatile

Vervain is considered a versatile herb. Some believe it can be used for creativity, inspiration, purification, healing, divination, protection, and prosperity. Like lavender, vervain can also be used for sleep, relaxation, …