Day: October 22, 2019

Herbology – Gathering and Storing Herbs: Collecting and Drying Herbs – Flowers, Seeds, Leaves, and Roots

Herbs are also used in aromatherapy oils and preparations, in essential oils, body sprays, room sprays, and also for helping and healing people. You should always be cautious about using herbs medicinally, as some herbs can be poisonous, or have quite dramatic side-effects if used incorrectly.

Identifying Herbs

Try to learn to identify herbs, go out into the countryside and see what you can find growing naturally in the wild. Collect samples of herbs from various places. Use a notebook to document what you find, where you find it, and how you would identify it if you saw it again. It is very easy to build up a vast knowledge of the different types of herbs.

You may be lucky enough to have your own olitory / herb garden – All you need to know next is how to collect and store your herbs.

Collecting and Storing Herbs

Flowers – …