Day: October 29, 2019

Healthy Edible Weeds: Which Weeds Are Safe and Healthy to Eat?

Nature provides us with many healthy food choices, but some of the healthiest are just plain old weeds. Find out which ones you can enjoy.

Purselane (Portulaca oleracea)

Purslane, a member of the Portulacaceae family has grown wild in my garden for years. It grows on a straight smooth looking reddish brown stem and has fleshy leaves that grow at the joins and ends of the stems. I always referred to it as “The Rubber Tree Weed” and left it alone to grow because it was pretty and didn’t strangle my vegetable plants or make the garden look “weedy.”

Plantain (Plantago major)

Plantain is another weed that I have had an abundance of for all of the years that I have owned my home. Unlike the Purslane, I did not find it pretty or of any good use for that matter. That is until my mother-in law came over as …

Health tip with a Big "BONUS"

     Many years ago, I worked with an extremely wonderful doctor. He treated the entire patient when they came into his office. A lot of his patients came in with one ailment and left with much info for many of their concerns that were not part of the reason for the doctor visit in the first place. I was very fortunate to have assisted this doctor many times, so picked up special health tips that I rarely hear people talk about, ever.

     In the aging process all the organs become subject to those years of use. there are things that can be done to slow down or even strengthen some of our organs. The exercise, I will explain will do both of those and also will give a "BONUS" as well.

     Often women do not exercise their bladder sphincters except when they use them for …