Day: November 30, 2019

Runescape Cooking Guide Tips for Beginners on How to Prepare Food in RS Mmorpg

Cooking is the art of preparing meals. In Runescape, cooking is a trade skill that can be used to reduce downtime or provide healing during battles. Before starting with thisrade skill, a character learning the cooking skill in Runescape must have the proper ingredients and equipmen to make a mealt. Once the ingredients are mixed, the food must be cooked over a heat source. Fortunately, a fire is enough to get a character started on the road to becoming a master of food preparation.

To Start Your Cooking Career in Runescape

A proper chef must have the right cooking utensils. In Runescape these pots, pies, bowls, and tins. A character with the smithing skill can make pots and pans or the necessary cooking gear can be bought from a general store. As soon as a Runescape character has the items he needs , the next step is to find a …