Day: June 1, 2020

In Kenya, Tea Time is any Time

Tea time in some parts of the world is 4 pm, while in others, tea is simply not a part of the daily schedule. In Kenya, however, any time is a great time for a cup of tea. Most Kenyans will admit to drinking no less than three cups of tea a day.

Tea in the Kenyan Tradition

According to Kenyan tradition, strong friendship ties are forged over a cup of tea. Any visitor to a Kenyan home will be offered a cup of tea, at any time and in any weather. “Any time is tea time,” is a common saying in Kenya. Be warned that refusing the offer can be viewed as an insult to the host, in the absence of an excellent excuse.

Generally the tea offered will be prepared in the traditional style, mixed with plenty of milk and a mix of spices locally known as tea …