Day: February 19, 2022

Herbs: Alfalfa May Just Be the Father of All Herbs

Alfalfa was recommended to treat upset stomachs back in 1597 by an English herbalist, John Gerard. While in the Americas, Colombians have been using Alfalfa to treat coughs. All five viscera have been treated by the Chinese, including intestinal and kidney disorders.

Arabs has called Alfalfa the "father of all herbs".

The leaves of Alfalfa have 8 amino acids. They also carry a lot of beta-carotene, which can help the immune system and skin. Plus, Alfalfa is high in Vitamin K. If you know anything about this unusual vitamin, you know that it's helpful for morning sickness in pregnant women. It's also reliable in supplying animals with Vitamin E. And, Alfalfa is unbelievably rich in calcium.

Alfalfa stimulates and feeds the Pituitary gland. Just so know, the Pituitary gland or hypohysis is a small pea-sized part of the brain that helps control growth, blood pressure, breast milk and a number …