A Holistic Approach to Health

Why medicine may not be the best option?Medicine has long been taking corrective rather than preventive action. It is a whole world of chance. There are no hard and fast rules and everything is just a hit-and-try. Every medicine causes some effects. But it comes along with a lot of side effects. Some common side effects include drowsiness and upsetting of stomach. Others weaken you slowly but steadily. Thankfully, these days, holistic health is gaining importance.

The concept of Life Energy:It has now been realized that treating the different organs of the body separately is not as effective as the treatment of the entire mind and body combined. There is something called life energy, that can be generated, increased and that has amazingly effective healing powers. There is an old saying that a doctor can only dress your wound, but it is God who heals it. This means that there is some power, a part of God or life energy that has the healing power. A person can be healed physically or mentally only as long as he is alive, i.e. he has the life energy running in his body.

The Never Ending Loop:Everybody knows some one, maybe in the family or a friend, who had never ending treatments that might have let him sustain an average life, but did not cure the disease. The person never enjoyed his life to the fullest. To take a real life example think of an asthmatic. Every time he gets an attack, he takes the medicine. But the next time is as severe as the first time. Unless of course, he finds something that not only helps him at that moment of attack but also help in increasing the immunity. By taking preventive action, one can not only reduce the severity but also the frequency of the attacks.

Belief works:The concept here is that a person or a living being in general is an integration of mind, body and soul. Separating these from each other and working on any one of them would not bring great results. If the mind is filled with negative thoughts and disbelief, even the most expensive medicines would not work for that person. Whereas, there are instances that people call miracles. These are cases where a person is healed of the biggest of incurable diseases by doing something extraordinarily simple. These methods could be as simple as reading out positive sentences to the mind, or listening to such tapes or sitting down imagining the disease gone. What works here is belief.

Your Thoughts can Change it All:While you are imagining positive things; you are slipping in your mind not only positive thoughts but also happy feelings. These thoughts and feelings when repeated often enough can have positive impact not only on your health but on any challenge or situation you are facing in life. Coming back to the life energy concept, there are some negative patterns of our lifestyle that create blockages to the flow of this life energy. These blockages then manifest themselves as different diseases of the body and of the mind.

Conclusion:By learning how to live healthy and keep the healthy flow of life energy in our body we all can achieve the healthy life we all want and deserve. There are many methods that can make us reach this goal. Yoga is one of them. It helps us synchronize our mind, body and soul resulting in optimal health. Keep reading for more!