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Professional Chefs

Written by Shirley Parker

Professional chefs have learned their skills working with and for more experienced chefs, as they earned their stripes in the food industry. Chefs of distinction have also undergone training at internationally recognized cooking schools, many of them well established now in the United States and Canada, as well as the traditional schools in European capitals. They work in upscale restaurants, esteemed hospitals, prestigious schools, private homes, and multi-starred hotels.

Full-time chefs may have participated also in educational programs from the Culinary Institute of America that was founded in 1946, or are members of the newer Professional Chefs Association (or similar), offering required courses for certification. Novice chefs can learn professional techniques from reading course books and cookbooks written by known names in the industry. However, certification is still desired before venturing into the commercial arenas.

Even Great Britain, with its long-standing lack of a gustatory …