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Apple Coffee Cakes

Apple coffee cakes combine the tart sweetness of apples with the moist texture of coffee cake. A great baker will instinctively know which flavors will meld together successfully, and will delight in titillating our taste buds. More and more people are rediscovering coffee cakes, as both gifts and items to keep in the home for company and cold weather.

Apple coffee cakes are utterly delicious, and can turn any get-together into a celebration. Book groups, scout meetings, and neighborly chats all come alive over a great dessert. With a mug of hot coffee, a slice of high-quality coffee cake is hard to beat for a Sunday morning breakfast or a weekday pick-me-up.

Apple Coffee Cakes, a New Favorite

The sweet taste and solid texture of apples perfectly complement a superior coffee cake. As we all know, not all cakes are born equal. However, one made from a superior recipe …

French Press Coffee Makers

French press coffee makers are considered by aficionados to be the best way to make coffee and tea, period. In addition to making excellent brews, these coffee makers are also lovely to look at. These coffee makers are of an ancient design and consist of a pot, a push-strainer, and a lid.

One simply puts coffee grinds or tea leaves in the belly of the pot, covers with boiling water, and steeps. When the coffee or tea has finished steeping, the push strainer is pushed to the bottom of the pot, taking the grounds and leaves with it, and the coffee or tea is then ready for drinking. French press coffee makers make excellent gifts and work equally well for both tea and coffee lovers.

French Press Coffee Makers Offer Style and Substance

French press coffee makers are used by many of the best cafes in Europe. These coffee makers …