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Health tip with a Big "BONUS"

     Many years ago, I worked with an extremely wonderful doctor. He treated the entire patient when they came into his office. A lot of his patients came in with one ailment and left with much info for many of their concerns that were not part of the reason for the doctor visit in the first place. I was very fortunate to have assisted this doctor many times, so picked up special health tips that I rarely hear people talk about, ever.

     In the aging process all the organs become subject to those years of use. there are things that can be done to slow down or even strengthen some of our organs. The exercise, I will explain will do both of those and also will give a "BONUS" as well.

     Often women do not exercise their bladder sphincters except when they use them for …

Xylitol is Said to Be Healthy, but Can Too Much Be Harmful?

To look at the side effect of xylitol it may be interesting to know what this product is. Xylitol is one of the sugar alcohol sweeteners which is a sugar substitute. These products occur naturally in different kinds of plants from which they may be processed. It is generally low in calories and is used as a sweetener in products such as chewing gums, lozenges, candy, as a pharmaceutical product sweetener, oral hygiene and a number of other food products. The source for making xylitol comes from maize or hardwoods. It is considered safe for diabetics and those suffering from hyperglycaemia due to a higher tolerance or lower impact on an individual's blood sugar, with its glycaemic index listed as 13.

It is normally considered safe for many people, even nursing and pregnant women, children and babies. It is not converted easily to fat because of its low calorie content …