Key to Healthy and a Happy Life

This is the key to get a life that is more healthy and happy:

1. A balanced diet
2. Sports regularly
3. Meditation
4. Enough sleep and the “great sex”
5. Positive Attitude

Why meditation is also included among the 5 main thing is this?

Meditation has been known and applied by our ancestors in the “high Civilization” from the days of yore, for example, the high civilization in Egypt, China, Aztec, December and the Celtics in Europe.

Recently, doctors in a modern hospital and in the United States and Europe such as the VA Hospitals and Kaiser Permanente Hospitals enter the program of meditation as a complementary treatment for patients, clients.

Meditation has been proven in clinical accelerate healing patients. Time meditation, the human brain is in the state of Alpha, and the body to make the program self-healing. Meditation is often considered as a reset button, where all the functions in our body to be set back normal again, the day after beraktifitas. Dr. Dean Ornish, Professor of Medicine and a leading heart specialists in California, USA, reported that meditation is unsure important in an integrated health care.

Some techniques of meditation techniques with the use Unconditional Love even add the benefit is the time to do some meditation. Feed with the energy of Unconditional Love of the Almighty Creator, your body will automatically self-healing process. In addition, your immune system will also be increased. With the immune system is better, you will not be easy to contract the disease.

During meditation, the human brain to produce the Human Growth hormone (HGH) working renew the cells of your body is broken, so that will tend to life. This is the cause of the laborious routine, and rarely do meditation usually stress, have a more positive attitude, and automatically also more healthy.

Experts have also found evidence that “great sex” also give the same effect on the human body. Routine conduct a healthy relationship with sex couples the official 2 times a week will make you more healthy and life.

The spiritual, studious people Meditation routine and also more visible not afraid to everything in life, including death. Meditation to improve your spiritual awareness, so that the “fear” is no longer a scourge that is terrifying, so life is automatically more enjoyable.

So who want to live happy, healthy and durable young, diligent Meditation just 10-15 minutes a day, and regularly conduct a healthy relationship and sex “great” with the official .