Runescape Cooking Guide Tips for Beginners on How to Prepare Food in RS Mmorpg

Cooking is the art of preparing meals. In Runescape, cooking is a trade skill that can be used to reduce downtime or provide healing during battles. Before starting with thisrade skill, a character learning the cooking skill in Runescape must have the proper ingredients and equipmen to make a mealt. Once the ingredients are mixed, the food must be cooked over a heat source. Fortunately, a fire is enough to get a character started on the road to becoming a master of food preparation.

To Start Your Cooking Career in Runescape

A proper chef must have the right cooking utensils. In Runescape these pots, pies, bowls, and tins. A character with the smithing skill can make pots and pans or the necessary cooking gear can be bought from a general store. As soon as a Runescape character has the items he needs , the next step is to find a place to cook the meal. This can be done on a campfire, as mentioned earlier, or on some of the stoves found throughout the game.

The low level cooking recipes in Runescape are a matter of simply throwing a piece of fish or meat on the fire and cooking it. At low levels, this will likely result in burnt pieces of meat, shrimp or fish, but at higher levels the meal should be edible and heal a greater number of hit points.

Cooking in Runescape and Character Healing

Space concerns prevent a listing of all the items that can be made with the cooking tradeskill, although a comprehensive list can be found on the Global RSunescapewebsite. The amount of healing a character receives from food is divided into the number of bites each food item in Runescape has. Cakes, for example, heal a total of 12 hit points. For each bite a character takes, his hit point total increases by 4.

Can a Character Make a Profit Cooking?

Most trade skils in Runescape do yield a profit when the items made with it are sold back to a vendor. Some items have more value to players though, and a Runescape character can make a larger profit by selling these items to the right player. Cooking is intended to be a support trade skill for a Runescape character, not a way to make money. Excess food can be sold for a profit to a vendor or another player to save space in a character's inventory, but these sales will not result in millions of gold pieces in the character's bank account.